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How do you manage culture?

Marco Moreira

I took a trip across a few different countries recently and it dawned on me that I was acting differently at each region we stopped along the journey. Every few days I would change the way I spoke, how fast I was walking, how open or closed to dialogue with the locals I felt, etc. "What's wrong with me?", I thought, but I eventually realized that, in general, I was quickly adapting to the local culture. Sometimes I would do the opposite of the local culture to compensate for it, sometimes I would emulate it directly, without any apparent logic behind my behavior changes.

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The "Joel Test" for Product Managers

Marco Moreira

The product management profession has been around for a long time, but it’s still amazing to me how different the day-to-day job actually is from company to company. It wasn’t long ago that software engineering was on the same boat, so Joel Spolsky, of Microsoft/Fog Creek/StackOverflow fame, wrote the “Joel Test” outlining the best practices at the time. This idea gave engineers a common benchmark beyond their company walls.

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