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How do you manage culture?

Marco Moreira

I took a trip across a few different countries recently and it dawned on me that I was acting differently at each region we stopped along the journey. Every few days I would change the way I spoke, how fast I was walking, how open or closed to dialogue with the locals I felt, etc. "What's wrong with me?", I thought, but I eventually realized that, in general, I was quickly adapting to the local culture. Sometimes I would do the opposite of the local culture to compensate for it, sometimes I would emulate it directly, without any apparent logic behind my behavior changes.

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Fixing income inequality won't save us

Marco Moreira

Everyone is talking about income inequality again and the argument is the same as it’s ever been: the rich are taking all the money from everyone else and we need to take it back in order to make things fair. More recently, Paul Graham tried to help by arguing that we should differentiate WHICH rich people we should take money away from (Wall Street, not Silicon Valley). Ezra Klein replied by saying “duh, that’s what we’ve saying all along, what else is new?”. We have candidates on both sides of the presidential campaign making this a central issue in their platforms, and it goes on and on...

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The pros and cons of being an innovator

Marco Moreira

The point of the "Innovation 101" series on this blog is to demystify the term "innovation" and give you a real world perspective of what it's like to do this kind of work. One of the biggest fallacies surrounding innovation nowadays is the idea that everyone should think about doing a startup or learning to code because tech companies are hot on the stock market again. That's like saying that everyone should think about being an electrician back when Thomas Edison rolled out the power grid. Sure, there is unquestionable demand for these jobs, but that does not mean everyone is cut out to do them.

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